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You never know what kind of winter weather we will get here in Georgia. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about getting over six feet of snow like they had in the northern areas of New York last week. Can you even imagine? What we do know: we should be ready for anything down here. If the snowpocolypse/snowjam2014 taught us anything, is that we should be prepared for extreme weather. Now, most of us have been thoroughly schooled in the items we should have on hand in our home and vehicles after last winter’s craziness, but what we rarely talk about is how to protect certain areas of our home from extreme weather, such as snow and ice. We want to touch on a few areas of the home that should be considered when talking about possible snow and ice over the fall and winter season. This week, we’ll talk about how to winterize your deck so it can stand up to the test of snow, ice, and large amounts of cold rain and sleet.

Clean it

You are going to want to start with a good cleaning. If your deck is pretty dirty, has obvious signs of mildew, or graying, the cleaning process is going to be even more important.

Strip and stain it

If the staining on your deck isn’t holding up so well, plan to strip the finish off and re-stain if needed.. Why wait until it’s 90 degrees outside next summer when you can roll up your sleeves and get it done now before the possible snow and ice come our way?

Seal it

This is where you are doing the best by your deck. A water repellant sealant is going to protect your deck from any snow, ice, sleet, rain that makes its way to our neck of the woods. If you use a high-quality, long-lasting sealant, you won’t have to repeat the process next year.

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