Why Should I Mulch?

chocolate-brown-mulch-1-1024x768There are lots of reasons to mulch your landscape, but in today’s economy, one of the top reasons is to save money! Who doesn’t want to have the envied yard on the block and also be frugal?

Mulches include pine needles, bark, wood chips and nuggets, and even stones, pebbles, gravel, and decorative rocks. Because mulch is underfoot, it’s tempting to forget that when it’s properly applied, it can really save money for us.

That’s because this important ground covering helps keep water from evaporating from the soil, and holds down the temperature around plant roots. Some estimates have found that a 70 mm thick layer of mulch—that’s about 2.8 inches– can reduce water evaporation by up to 70 percent.[1] Over a growing season, saving that much water also means saving a lot of money.

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