Weeds Out Of Control? Check Out These Tips!

Major weed growth is just a small setback that comes with the beautiful spring season. They can be a drag to deal with, but with the right supplies and the know-how, you’ll have your weeds under control in no time.

1. Lay mulch: Using mulch is one of the best ways for keeping weeds at bay in your yard. Mulch suppresses weeds by depriving them of the light they need to grow. It also deprives weed seeds that float around looking for a place to settle, the bare soil they need to take root and grow.

2. Pull ’em up: It’s not the easiest of jobs, but hand-pulling still seems to be the best and most direct way of ridding your yard of weeds. Here’s a helpful tip: weeds are easier to pull up when the soil is wet, so wait until after a good rain, or wet them down with your hose.

3. Get the right tools: If you deal with weeds often, it may be a good idea to invest in some weeding tools like mechanical weed pullers and weed grabbers. These can help you do the job faster and more efficiently.

4. And of course, there is always the option to use herbicides. We recommend if you decide to use herbicides to consult with a professional landscaping company to help with the process. Tackling herbicides on your own can end up being a costly if you have never used them before. Some types of weeds need certain types of herbicides, not to mention, making sure they are used properly.

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