Spring is in the air, so visit Mulch and More in Newnan, GA today.

EarthscapeIt almost seemed as if the cold weather would not end! Week after week here in the Newnan, GA area we’ve felt the effects of the dreaded polar vortex. Even so, spring is in the air here at Mulch and More and Earthscape Designs. We’ve been working with customers to plan their projects, get hardscaping underway, choose the perfect boulder, match the perfect flagstone and mulch their favorite beds.

In fact, there are a number of things you can be doing right now to ready your garden and yard for the warm weather:

  • Mulch: Yes, yes…you know we love mulch! Who wouldn’t? It beautifies your yard, protects your plants, keeps insects at bay, discourages weeds and reduces watering. You already know we are the mulch experts in Newnan, GA, Sharpsburg, and all across the southern crescent. Visit us soon. 
  • Boulders: Now is a great time to walk your yard and determine how some well-placed and well-chosen garden boulders can add to the year-round interest. Not only can a gorgeous boulder be a focal point, but it can provide a backdrop for succulents, trailing plants and more. We have a wide selection of gorgeous, custom-chosen boulders ready for your inspection.
  • Erosion: Our area usually receives a lot of spring rain. If you have erosion problems, you need to identify those challenging areas now, bring photos and visit with us about how you can mitigate erosion on your property. Proper landscaping design can go a long way to ensure keep erosion at bay. We have a number of products to help with erosion efforts and can also provide landscaping solutions if you’d rather not do it yourself!
  • Outdoor Entertaining: You’ll shortly be having friends and family dining, playing and living outdoors. That’s one of the benefits of living in our beautiful area! Identify some of the most heavily traveled areas and consider a fieldstone, flagstone or paver path or patio area to make your family and friends comfortable and safe. These types of hardscapes add beauty to your landscape as well as improve the property value.

Don’t wait until the warm weather is already here. Take steps now to create the outdoor area of your dreams! We can help every step of the way. Contact us today and let’s get started.


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