Spring Gardening Checklist

flagstone-walkway-2How ready is your yard for spring? Is it ready for its close-up?

Check out some quick items you can be doing now to ensure your plants and yard are in tip-top share for the warmer weather:

  • Prune Shrubs and Trees: If you didn’t prune during the fall, now is a good time, but DON’T prune spring-blooming shrubs and trees! Other plants may benefit from getting rid of unsightly branches, dead areas and blooms. Pruning not only improves the look of the plant, but helps it stay healthy and disease-resistant.

  • Make Your Bed: Your garden beds probably need a little attention about now. You likely have debris, excess leaves and other items in them. Use this organic material to add to your compost pile. Then, add the composted goodness to the soil to ensure it’s ready to receive your annuals and nourish your pernnials.
  • Clean Out the Shed: Great tools in good condition are a mainstay of a southern gardener. Take some time to remove your most-used tools, clean them up, oil them if necessary and get them ready for action!
  • Clean The Furniture, too: If you stored your furniture over the winter, you likely need to only wipe it down and bring it out. If your furniture lived outside during the winter, it might need to be washed and touched up.

Don’t think of these items as tasks, but part of the rites of spring! Look for more quick checklist items coming your way as you ready for a full season of outdoor living in the Newnan, GA area!

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