Newnan Mulch | Why We Love Mulch (And You Should, Too!)

It’s no secret—we love mulch! Guess what? You should too! Let’s talk about the benefits of mulch and what makes it so awesome.

Mulch Controls Erosion & Loss of Landscaping

We typically get a lot of rain in the spring season. This can wreak havoc on your landscaping—especially in sloped areas. Your precious soil can be swept away by the wind and rain which will leave your plant roots exposed. When that happens, they can dry out and die. Mulch is an easy way to create a barrier between that soil and the elements.

Mulch Curbs Plant Diseases

When it rains or you are watering your plants, fungal spores can bounce up from the ground and onto your plants. This can cause a variety of different diseases that can cause quite the headache. Not to mention, the plants you have worked so hard to care for could die. If your ground is not bare and is covered in mulch, these fungal spores will disperse throughout the plant bed instead of bouncing up onto your plants.

Mulch Regulates Soil Temperature

We get some crazy temperature fluctuations here in Georgia. One day it can be in the 70s and the next day it can hit the 30s. That can be hard on our plants and our soil. Mulch acts like a blanket for your soil that helps protect the plant’s roots from these temperature fluctuations.

Mulch Conserves Soil Moisture

Without mulch, the sun will quickly dry up the water and moisture in the soil surrounding the roots of the plants. If you add mulch to the plant beds, you will see that you do not have to water as much because the soil is not losing its moisture as quickly.


For more information about mulch and how it can benefit your landscaping, give us a call at (770) 252-0006 or contact us online!

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