Newnan Mulch Supply | Will Mulch Help My Yard This Summer?

“Will mulch help my yard this summer?” is a question we hear frequently throughout these hot, summer months. Our answer? Absolutely! Mulch has year-round benefits, but it can help your landscaping even more dramatically during the summer. Take a look at some of the benefits you will see from using mulch this summer:

  1. Regulates soil temperature: It’s no secret—it gets hot down here in Georgia! Unfortunately, the rising temperatures can wreak havoc on our landscaping. Mulch works as a blanket and a shield that protects your plant’s roots from extreme temperatures.
  2. Controls erosion: Pop up showers and frequent thunderstorms are another one of Georgia’s summertime trademarks. When you have a lot of rain, you will start to see some soil erosion, especially in sloped areas. Soil will begin to get swept away by rain and wind, which will leave your plant’s roots exposed to the elements. They can they dry out and die. When you use mulch, you are placing a barrier between the soil and external elements.
  3. Limits plant diseases: With frequent rains, come fungal spores that are after your plants. Without mulch, these spores are able to disperse through your plant beds and cause various diseases. Mulch will work to protect your beloved plants from the diseases caused by fungal spores.
  4. Conserves soil moisture: Even though we get a decent amount of rain during the summer, because of the extreme heat, the soil in our landscaping can dry out quickly. Mulch will help your soil retain moisture and allow you to go longer between watering your plants.

Obviously we think mulch is the bee’s knees. If you don’t believe it, give it a try. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Give us a call today to find out more about the products we have available and for pricing information. We are standing by to help you with all of your mulch needs!




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