Newnan Landscaping | Winter Yard Tips

As it continues to cool down here in Georgia, you may be wondering what changes you need to make to the way you care for your yard during the winter season. Here are a few tips to help you keep your yard looking spiffy during these next few chilly months.

Grass Height

As the temperature drops, you will want to lower the blade on your mower. You want to make sure you gradually lower the mowing height throughout the season—don’t lower the blade all the way down right away. We want to avoid new growth in the lawn that could be vulnerable to winter diseases and cold winter winds that will give you a brown and dried out lawn.

Clean it up

Make sure you don’t have anything left out in the yard like logs, tools, or other items that could smother the grass and damage the yard. If we do get any snow or ice, this can make matters worse.

Schedule Lawn Maintenance and Make Spring Plans

The winter season is the perfect time to make spring plans for your landscaping. If you are need of regular landscaping maintenance, Earthscape Designs can help you make sure that your landscaping is taken care year-round. You can take this time to plan your spring garden or if you have any major landscaping projects you would like to begin next year.

For more information about Mulch and More, the products we offer, or any other landscaping tips—give us a call at (770) 252-0006 or contact us online. You can contact Earthscape Designs at 770-463-0608 to schedule an appointment.



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