Newnan Mulch Supply | Mulch – It’s Not Just for Looks

There’s no question – adding Chocolate Mulchmulch to your landscaping adds a certain kind of beauty that is hard to achieve without it. But is mulch only good for revamping your yard’s look? No! Mulch has more uses and benefits than just helping you beat your neighbors for “yard of the month”.  Let’s take a look at a few of the additional ways that mulch can help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Mulch Curbs Plant Diseases

Certain diseases are caused by fungal spores that have been deflected up from the ground onto the plant during a rain or a while you are watering the plants. This can severely affect your plants and even destroy them completely. Mulch curbs plant diseases by dispersing the water carrying fungal spores along the plant bed instead of them bouncing up from the bare ground.

Mulch Controls Erosion & Loss of Landscapingred-hardwood-mulch

If you have sloped areas in your landscaping, you have probably seen the effects a heavy rain can have on your yard. Soil can be swept away by rain and wind, leaving your plant’s roots exposed where they can dry out and die. Mulch creates a barrier between the precious soil keeping your plants alive and thriving and the elements – keeping the soil right where it should be.

Mulch Regulates Soil Temperature

In Georgia, it isn’t uncommon for our temperature to fluctuate dramatically and reach extreme highs and lows. Our summers can reach record highs, and while this might be nice for pool days, it doesn’t bode too well for our plants. A layer of mulch helps regulate the soil temperature, kind of like a blanket that helps protect the soil and the plant’s roots from the heat of the sun.

Mulch Conserves Soil Moisture

Without mulch, the sun will quickly dry up the water and moisture in the soil surrounding the roots of the plants. If you add mulch to the plant beds, you will see that you do not have to water as much because the soil is not losing its moisture as quickly.

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