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Temperatures are dropping here in Georgia and if you have an in-ground pool, it’s time to go ahead and start getting it ready for the winter season. Unlike a lot of other parts of the country, we don’t have to worry about the water in the pool necessarily freezing. Sometimes, if it gets cold enough, you may see some icy spots on top, but it’s rare that we see any more than that. Even so, it is still a good idea to prepare your pool for hibernation, if you will.  By closing your pool properly, it will save you a lot of work come summertime.

Clean Pool

Give the pool a really good cleaning – skim, vacuum and brush the pool down. The pool should be as clean as possible before you cover it.

Water Chemistry and Chemicals

You should make sure that your water chemistry (pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness) is balanced for the winter. This will help protect the surface from etching and staining. You can purchase a winterizing chemical kit from your local pool supply store to help keep the water blue and clear until next spring.

Freezing Water

Even though the majority of the water will not freeze in the pool, water other places can freeze. For instance, water in the skimmer can freeze and damage that area. This can be avoided by lowering the water below the mouth of the skimmer. For vinyl liner pools, you can also put an Aquador over the mouth of the skimmer. An Aquador is a plastic dam that will hold the water out of the skimmer so you do not have to lower the water in your pool.

It can be beneficial to blow out the water from your plumbing lines. If you have never done this before, you may want to consult your pool manufacturer for instructions or speak with your local pool specialist.


Covering your pool over the cold fall and winter months will keep the debris from piling up. This will save you a lot of work when it is time to open the pool back up in the spring or summer.

Draining Filter Equipment

If you are closing your pool down for the winter, you will want to drain all the water from your filter equipment. Consult your pool manufacturer or pool specialist for instructions on how to do this.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you. If you have never closed  or winterized your in-ground pool, we encourage you to give your local pool specialist a call for more information. Not every pool is the same and may require more or less depending on which one you have. If you have experience in winterizing your pool, we would love to hear from you! Stop by our Facebook page and share with our online community.

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