Newnan Landscaping Supplies | Building your Own Retaining Wall? Read These Tips First!

Are you getting ready to build your retaining wall? It can be a difficult project if you have never done it before and if you are not sure how to get started. Here are some great tips from that will help you get your project started on the right foot… or stone!

Tip 1: Put the Cap On

Use cap-block finishing parts. If you built a wall and put a blue stone cap on it, and cemented it in, you can back fill the dirt right up to the top. But if using a block that is just placed on top, hold down the top soil since it is finished on all sides, unless the landscaping doesn’t allow the look for that.1

Tip 2: Seal the Gap

Keep water out of the basement by sealing the wall next to the house.1

Tip 3: Backfill as You Go

Backfilling should always be done in layers for structural reasons. It should be done in 8-, 10- and 12-inch increments against the wall and compacted so you don’t end up with a sunken feature later.1

Tip 4: Install Gravel

If you’re building a retaining wall to hold back soil that slopes down to it, install gravel behind the wall with a pipe and filter fabric. This will enable you to direct the water where you want it to go.1

Tip 5: Create a Curve

Sometimes you may want to do a curve on the retaining wall instead of keeping it straight. A good idea is to place a garden hose along the area where you want the retaining wall and start digging four inches in front, following the curve of the hose.1

Tip 6: Take a Step Up

If you’re starting from a lower grade, step the base up in increments to support the change in grade slope.1

Tip 7: Use a Level

Starting with a level foundation will ensure that the job goes smoothly, and you won’t be making incremental adjustments to shim the blocks as you’re going through the project.1

Tip 8: Create a Good Base

Virgin soil is better able to support structures than something that has been used to create a landscape environment before. The base has to be solid and level so you’re starting off on a good surface. Make sure you dig the base well below grade.1

Tip 9: Keep it Small

A 2-foot retaining wall is best if you’re just starting out: You can also use it as a bench. A 4-foot wall typically can be built using mortar without reinforcement. If you’re going to exceed four feet, consult an engineer.1

Tip 10: Use Manufactured Blocks

Well-manufactured blocks have several benefits: They come in multiple colors, styles and shapes. They also come in uniform dimensions so they’re easy to lay. In a way, they’re just like putting together Lego.1

If you want to install a retaining wall on your property, but still are unsure of what to do or you just aren’t ready to do the work – give our sister company, Earthscape Designs a call. They would love to help you get your retaining wall built together!

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