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With the cold temperatures and the huge amount of rain we have gotten in the past couple of weeks, it’s no wonder that pests such as cockroaches, mice and spiders are looking for a toasty, dry place to settle in for the winter. Unfortunately, these creatures can pose certain health risks, so it’s best that they stay out of the home. Take a look at a few of our tips for keeping your home healthy and pest-free this winter. And be sure to check back in a few weeks as we talk about preparing your garden for a pest-free spring!

  1. The best way to ensure you will stay pest-free through the winter, and year-round, is by having your home treated by a licensed pest control specialist. Be sure to check reviews and ask around for testimonials before choosing a company. You also want to be sure to ask potential companies questions about the chemicals and methods they use, their success rate, and satisfaction guarantees before hiring them.
  2. Even homes that are cleaned professionally can have pests come in for a visit, but by keeping the home free of clutter and accessible food and water, you will make your home less tempting to pests. By cutting off their food and water supply, and taking away easy hiding places—pests are less likely to choose your home as a shelter through the cold winter months.
  3. Most homes have cracks or openings that give pests easy access to the inside of the home. If you know you have areas like that, seal it up to make it more difficult for these pests to get inside.
  4. A cluttered and disheveled yard will open up the way for a pest infestation. Piles of leaves or debris create a perfect habitat for some pests. Be sure to keep you landscaping cleaned up, or have a professional company keep it maintained for you.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you as you strive for a pest-free home this year. If you have any other tips you know works to keep pests away, stop by our Facebook page and share with us and our online community. We would love to hear from you!

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