Newnan Landscaping | Gardening Tip: How to Remove Rust from Gardening Tools

Rusty Tools?

It’s not uncommon to find that your gardening tools have rusted since you last used them. Some people may prefer to just purchase new tools and throw out the rusted ones that they have, but we are here to help you save those tools! Check out our tips for removing the rust on your gardening tools and preventing rust in the future. If you have any tips that you know work to keep your gardening tools in good shape, stop by our Facebook page and share with our online community. We would love to hear from you!

Removing Rust

Removing rust is actually not that difficult. Grab a pair of gloves to help keep your hands clean and a piece of light sandpaper. Start on the metal portions of the tool and begin rubbing the sandpaper over the rusted areas until it is rust-free. If the wooden areas of your tools have rust, you can use the same technique, just try to be gentle and move the sandpaper in the same direction as you work to scrub off the rust. You don’t want to work too hard here, as the wood may be damaged and could later splinter or injure your hands.

Preventing Rust

A great way to prevent rust on your tools is to coat the metal with some type of lubricating oil and linseed oil on the wooden parts. Some gardeners choose to store their tools upright in sand after coating with the oils to keep them safe during the winter months when they are not using their tools.

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