Newnan Landscaping | Erosion Problems? We Have Solutions

Erosion problems are common in our area and with the recent rains we have had, paired with medium to high winds, it can be difficult to keep the soil in our yards where it should be. Fortunately, we aren’t doomed to continually eroding yards. Take a look at a few ways you can help protect your yard from erosion and make sure your landscaping is ready for potential winter erosion.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are perfect for taming a sloped area of the yard that could be the main reason for soil erosion in your yard. The retaining wall will be able to keep mud and other debris from traveling further down the slope, pulling away at the soil. It will also redirect flowing water to help keep the soil in that area intact. Not only are they functional, they look amazing as well.


For an especially sloped yard, a terrace, or a series of retaining walls, can do an even better job at preventing soil erosion. A terrace can be much more tedious project and needs to be planned carefully to ensure that it does the job correctly.


Mulch is a valuable asset that everyone should use in their landscaping. Using mulch as a barrier between the soil and the elements, rain, wind, and ice will have a hard time eroding the soil in your yard. Not only will mulch prevent major soil erosion, but it will help regulate soil temperature and inhibit weed growth and disease.

Soil erosion doesn’t have to be a major problem in your landscaping. We have all the supplies you need to build a retaining wall or terrace in yard. If you would like professional help building a retaining wall or terrace, give our sister company Earthscape Designs a call at 770-463-0608 or contact them online here.

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