Newnan Landscape Supplies | Money Saving Tips

It’s a common misconception that landscaping projects are expensive. Yes, some projects can cost more than others, but some landscaping improvements can be done very inexpensively. Mulch & More is here to help! Check out these money saving tips before you start your next landscaping project.

  1. Plan ahead: Impulsive buys can cost you more money. Often times people see something like pretty flowers and buy before checking their existing landscaping first. Then when they don’t fit in they end up going to waste. Always determine the specs of the space before buying.
  2. Buy used or rent: If you need tools for your landscaping project, check your local ads such as Craigslist for used tools for sale or ask your local hardware stores if they have what you need available for lease.
  3. Stamp out the weeds: Before you start planting in your landscaping, get rid of the weeds. They will deprive the new plants of the nutrients they need to thrive.
  4. Don’t throw out your flower seeds: Most people throw out their leftover flower seeds, but most flower seeds will stay viable up to a year if they are stored properly. Save them for next year!
  5. Find specials for your landscaping supplies: Mulch & More frequently has specials on landscaping supplies to help you save money on your landscaping projects. You can find our monthly deals on our specials offers page.

For more information about the different landscaping supplies we offer or for any landscaping tips – give us a call at (770) 252-0006 or contact us online.



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