Mulch & More | Benefits of Using Mulch

Have you ever wondered why so many people use mulch in their yards? Most people use mulch to create a certain look, but did you know that mulch has real, functional benefits? Check out these ways mulch can help your landscaping goals:

Be Gone, Weeds!slider-tip1

One way mulch can work for you is by inhibiting weed growth. A lot of people like to use mulch in their garden to help keep pesky weeds at bay. We generally recommend people use around 2 inches of mulch for the purpose of keeping weeds out of that area. If you have a severe weed problem, you can also put down a layer of damp newspaper under the mulch.

Soil Temperature

Mulch can also help regulate the temperature of the soil. This is especially beneficial if you are using mulch around your garden or flowers. Mulch will help keep the soil cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. We know that we have some crazy weather here – one day it can be 70 degrees and the next it can drop down to 40 degrees. Mulch will protect your plant’s roots from these fluctuating temperatures.

Soil Erosion

One problem we see often in the spring is soil erosion. We typically get a lot of rain during the spring months, which can cause problems in your landscaping. Mulch will help protect your soil by creating a barrier against the wind and rain, keeping your soil where it should be.

For more information about mulch, how it can benefit your Newnan landscaping or the different types of mulch we have available – give us a call at (770) 252-0006 or contact us online: We would love to assist you in all of your mulching needs!

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