Mulch & More | 4 Ways Young Children Can Help In the Yard and Garden

If you have young children in the home, you know it can be challenging to do all that needs to be done in and outside of the home. As parents, we know we have to find creative ways to make age appropriate chores seem more like fun and less like—well—chores! Outside work is no different. Working together in the yard and garden will fly by when you working together, side by side. Your children won’t even realize that they are doing chores! Take a look at 4 easy ways your young children can help you in the yard and garden.

  1. Weeding: Weeding is easy work for young children. Just be sure to show them what they shouldn’t pull out. Keep a close eye to make sure they remember which ones are weeds and which ones need to stay in the ground! You can even race to see who can pull out the biggest pile of weeds.
  2. Watering: Most home improvement stores, and even dollar stores, carry watering cans that are made for children. Let your child pick out their own watering can and they will be ready to water the plants every day!
  3. Five, six, pick up sticks: Seven, eight, lay them straight! Picking up sticks is an easy and important job, especially before you have to mow the lawn. Make sure they know NOT to run while carrying sticks.
  4. Sweep the leaves: If your child does not have a children’s size rake, you can let them sweep the leaves in areas like the porch, walkway and driveway. They may miss a few with this technique, but they will enjoy helping clear these areas of those pesky, always falling leaves.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you as we start thinking ahead to warmer weather. Just find your child some durable gardening clothes, some good gloves that fit and get ready for some outside fun!

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