More Mulch | Benefits of Retaining Walls

retainingwall1Are you thinking about installing a retaining wall on your property? A retaining wall can be a great addition to your hardscaping. It adds a three-dimensional depth to the area that is unmatched. But retaining walls do so much more than just add beauty to your yard. Take a look at how a retaining wall can help limit the erosion in your yard.

Erosion Control

In Georgia, we can go quite a while without rain, but when it does, it really pours! This is bad news for our landscaping. When we get a lot of rain and/or wind, it carries away our precious soil, which can damage our plants and destroy the beautiful area you created. A retaining wall can work wonders, especially for sloped areas of the yard. The retaining wall will do exactly as the name says – it retains. It holds your soil where it is supposed to stay. When you are ready to get the erosion under control, take a note of the draining patterns in your yard. This can really help you or your contractor understand the best areas to install your retaining walls.

If you are ready to start a retaining wall project, be sure to stop by and check retainingwall2out the different materials we have available. We have several different types and looks to choose from that we are certain will look great on your property. If you have any questions about building retaining walls, our prices or if you just want to find out more about the different wall materials we have – give us a call at (770) 252-0006 or contact us online: You can also find us on Facebook where we share daily tips and relevant information. We look forward to hearing from you!



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