Newnan Landscaping Supplies | Fall Landscaping Tips

Wow! What a difference a couple of months make when it comes to our landscaping. Practically everywhere you go, you see leaves covering the ground, including the struggling areas of grass that … [Read more...]

Do you need to mulch in the fall? Yes!

 “Mulch- What is the best time?" This is a question we hear a lot here at Mulch & More. In fact, every season we have people asking when they should mulch, and when they shouldn’t. And there … [Read more...]

Got Weeds? Check Out This Nifty Guide!

Weeds can be a real problem in your landscaping, especially if you are trying to grow a garden. Left alone, weeds can delay or even halt the growth of the surrounding plants. We found this awesome … [Read more...]

Are You Using Too Much Mulch?

It is possible to have "too much of a good thing". While using mulch is one of the best things you can do for your yard, sometimes enough is enough! Let's talk about how much mulch you should be using … [Read more...]

Weeds Out Of Control? Check Out These Tips!

Major weed growth is just a small setback that comes with the beautiful spring season. They can be a drag to deal with, but with the right supplies and the know-how, you'll have your weeds under … [Read more...]

4 Common Lawn Care Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Are you a lawn care pro? If not, and you need a little help mastering your yard, we have put together 4 of the most common lawn care mistakes you will want to avoid making! 1. Too much water: Your … [Read more...]

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