Final Spring Checklist Items from Mulch and More Landscape Supplies

Clime-Water-and-wallWe hope you have enjoyed our March series of posts offering hand-dandy checklists. This is the last in the current series and offers 3 more things to consider as the weather warms up and you ready your outdoor area for friends and family.

  • Pest Control: Now is a good time to ensure those creepy crawlies are kept at bay! In fact, if we are ready for the warmer weather, you know they are, too. Not only can pest control make a difference, but so can your choice of landscaping. If you have pest problems, talk to us at Mulch and More and Earthscape Designs.

  • Don’t Forget the Birds: If you’ve never planted with birds and butterflies in mind, start planning a bird and butterfly garden now. You won’t be disappointed. Set up those beds, enrich the soil, then choose plants that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other beneficial insects.
  • Transplant and Separate: Once the danger of frost has past, separate those plants that can benefit from a little thinning and either pass those along to friends and family or move those offshoots to another part of the yard. Overgrown areas may also benefit from transplanting shurbs that have outgrown their intended areas. Rather than discarding them because they happily grew in their current location, prune them and move them to a more appropriate location.

We’d love to see your spring projects in action! If you’ve been by Mulch and More and have put your spring projects in motion, we’d like to see them. Post photos on our Facebook page and we’ll share them.

See you soon for your next project!

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