DIY Network Tips | How to Use a Bobcat

We know that some landscaping projects require some big machinery! If you find that you will need to operate something like a Bobcat to get the job done, check out these tips provided by DIYNetwork:

  • The Bobcat is useful for moving large loads and for big demolition jobs. When using one, always wear a safety bar.
  • The ignition turns on with a key, similar to an automobile. Also like a car, the Bobcat has readouts for checking the fuel status and gives off warnings if the vehicle is overheating. It also has safety gauges that must be engaged before operating.
  • Two handles control the motion of the machine. Push both forward controls to move forward. Pull them back to go in reverse. To turn left, pull the left lever back, then the right forward. Do the opposite to go right.
  • There are two pedals inside the tool to move the bucket. Depress the left pedal to move the arms up and down. Push the right pedal forward to tip the bucket forward. Press the back of the right pedal to tip the bucket back.
  • When moving objects in the bucket, keep them as close to the ground as possible. Items do sometimes tip out of the bucket if not balanced properly.
  • The Bobcat comes with a tooth scoop for demolition, and a smooth scoop for moving loads of gravel or mulch. Attach forks to the Bobcat for lifting heavy objects.1

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