Customer Testimonial: Knowledgable & Friendly Staff


We love our staff because they care! Great job, Jessica! –Brent & Mona

Thank you, Bruce, for taking the time to send us a letter with such wonderful feedback. We are so happy that Jessica could help you have a satisfying experience with Mulch & More and our egg rock materials. We wish you the best as you work on your landscaping!

“I would like to convey to you the experience I had at Mulch and More on October 18, 2014. I needed advice on the type of landscape cover that would provide a long lasting low maintenance solution to an area of my landscape next to my home. I was concerned about the existing wood mulch and the recent infestation of termites. I called Mulch and More and was advised, by Jessica, of the available material at Mulch and More. Her knowledge convinced me to visit your 34 East Newnan location. There I found a plethora of material and a person very knowledgable. The egg rock was the most logical choice for my situation. I was concerned about the dumping of the rock into my 5’6″ F150 bed and damage to my truck. However, once again Jessica convinced me she could deliver and then dumped the rock without any trouble. Please be aware of what an asset Jessica is to your business. She is friendly, knowledgable, and skilled.” –Bruce S. Weaver


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