3 More Spring Gardening Checklist Items

GardenBouldersSmall-300x225We’re not done sharing our list of helpful spring gardening to-do’s to help you get your yard and gardens in order for the coming warmer months! Here are three more checklist items you may want to consider as you get your yard and garden in shape.

  • Amend Your Soil: If you haven’t nourished your new beds or existing beds, now is a great time to do that with our ERTH Food®The matter in ERTH Food® acts like a sponge holding nutrients and water near the roots of the plant.

  • Prune Ornamental Grasses: Sure, those gorgeous grasses look great waving in the gentle breeze, but not with ugly brown areas! Get the jump on new growth and prune them back to encourage a full and lush appearance.
  • Start Your Landscaping Projects (or finish them!): You may have started a project in the fall only to be vexed by the polar vortex! No worries, Mulch and More has everything you need to finish that project and mark it off of your honey-do list. Don’t let it be an eye sore during the warmer weather, give us a call and we can help finish it up.

Don’t let your spring to-do list feel overwhelming. Take it a step at a time and remember that we are here to help. Whether you need garden soil, mulch, pavers, stone or design help, we are only a call away. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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