Archives for November 2014

Newnan Landscaping | Winter Yard Tips

As it continues to cool down here in Georgia, you may be wondering what changes you need to make to the way you care for your yard during the winter season. Here are a few tips to help you keep your … [Read more...]

Winterize Your Deck with These Tips | Newnan Landscaping

You never know what kind of winter weather we will get here in Georgia. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about getting over six feet of snow like they had in the northern areas of New York last … [Read more...]

Newnan Landscaping Supplies | Fall Landscaping Tips

Wow! What a difference a couple of months make when it comes to our landscaping. Practically everywhere you go, you see leaves covering the ground, including the struggling areas of grass that … [Read more...]

Newnan Landscaping | Erosion Problems? We Have Solutions

Erosion problems are common in our area and with the recent rains we have had, paired with medium to high winds, it can be difficult to keep the soil in our yards where it should be. Fortunately, we … [Read more...]

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