Archives for July 2013

Newnan Landscaping Supplies | Building your Own Retaining Wall? Read These Tips First!

Are you getting ready to build your retaining wall? It can be a difficult project if you have never done it before and if you are not sure how to get started. Here are some great tips from … [Read more...]

Newnan Landscaping Supplies | July Special Offers

Are you getting ready for a landscaping project? We know that supplies can start to add up if you have a big project you are working on, so we always like to share specials with our customers to help … [Read more...]

Need Privacy in your Yard? Check out these Ideas!

Have you been searching for a way to create a private outdoor space on your property but were unsure how? We have a few tips that could help! Plants Using high hedges or tall plants in … [Read more...]

Newnan Landscape Supplies | Got Slopes? Try these Solutions.

If your home is built on sloped land, making any changes to beautify your landscaping can be frustrating. Poor irrigation and constant soil erosion can make designing a practical landscaping almost … [Read more...]

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